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Lean mass gains and fat loss

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11-OXO is a mild pro hormone but will still give fantastic results. If you want to add lean mass and improve overall body composition but with negligible risk of downsides then 11-OXO is a good choice. Converting to the mild anabolic 11-Ketotestosterone, users of 11-OXO will notice improved fat loss and increases in strength and muscle mass along with better mood. 11-OXO won't suppress your estrogen and there will be no impact of DHT.

If you're new to prohormones and looking for something mild but still offering good results then 11-OXO is the perfect candidate as it is a step up from a natural test booster but without any concerns over toxicity as can be the case with some anabolic agents.

11-OXO is ideal for beginners to prohormones or those seeking a highly anabolic, minimally androgenic, minimally suppressive compound to form part of a prohormone stack.

Fusion Supplements have reintroduced a number of legendary compounds in recent years such as 1-testosterone and 4-AD but in 11-OXO they are bringing something that is probably well known only to a very few.

Ergopharm were the first to bring 11-OXO to the market and thanks to its unique anti-cortisol/leaning out effects plus its ability to add lean mass, it quickly became one of the most popular pro hormones around. Users of 11-OXO experience significant increases in strength and gains in lean muscle mass, along with an improvement in fat loss. 11-OXO converts to the highly anabolic 11-ketotestosterone but also exhibits anabolic properties in its own right that means it should not be considered as a milder form of 11-Ketotestosterone but a distinct anabolic compound in its own right.

As a mild pro hormone 11-OXO is ideal for beginners who are worried about any negative effect of estrogen or DHT or women seeking a prohormone with much reduced risk of virilization symptoms.

Goal: Build Muscle

    Significant lean mass gains
    Improved fat loss and body composition
    Great increases in strength
    No significant suppression or impact of estrogen or DHT
    Great choice for pro hormone beginners

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Take one capsule twice a day with a meal. Advanced users can opt to increase the dosing to as high as four caps a day.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90
      Amount Per Serving     %DV**
11-OXO (4-Androstene-3, 11, 17-trione)     150mg     **
**Daily Values Not Established           
Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate