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Regeneration processes can be understood as restoration of physiological equilibrium . They always refer to a preceding strain.

During the regeneration time, creatine and glycogen stores are replenished. The body is provided with nutrients , blood sugar level rises again. The lactate formed is counter-balanced and the body is put from a catabolic (breakdown) state back into an anabolic state ( building up ) as the muscle cells are particularly receptive for nutrients after exposure to strain. After a day, the muscle glycogen and muscle fat stores are also replenished. The muscle fibers are repaired and adapt to the stress .

The regeneration is particularly important after the training, as well as a good diet for athletes, to permanently see training results. The metabolic balance is out of balance during an intensive training. Through the energy loss, the glycogen stores are attacked , fats and amino acids were used for energy production. Even vitamins , minerals such as sodium and potassium, and calcium and magnesium were consumed and must be replaced.

The metabolic balance must also be brought into balance , as the pH value is increased within the cells by the formation of lactate . The degradation product lactate must be removed over the kidneys , otherwise the muscle cells can not regenerate.

Regeneration also means that small muscle tears that occur within a workout, need to be repaired. The body reacts during an enormous burden with a super compensation - he adapts to the stress and strengthens the muscle fibers. Therefore the muscle fiber tear will be repaired by being enwrapped with a stronger fibre strand . The stable muscle is now ready for a more intense stress.

What types of regeneration are crucial ?

There are two major forms of regeneration :

For local regeneration, the strained muscle is regenerated. Only this one strained muscle recovers. This can be achieved by straining one muscle the first day and the next day another muscle is strained to regenerate the muscle of the day before.

In the central regeneration, the whole body is regenerated. This means all muscle groups , the metabolism and the psyche, which is often underestimated . The central regeneration is achieved with a varied diet , massage , sauna, adequate sleep and warmth.

The regeneration is dependent on the physical condition , age and metabolism . Here, women recover faster than men, in general.

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